Jennifer Green-Wilson

The Leadership Institute
Integrating Business Literacy & Leadership into Physical Therapist Practice

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"One of the best compliments I have received as a Director on the Board of the American Physical Therapy Association is that I create a safe place to enlarge the conversation and foster collaboration - one member and one member group at a time. This is the kind of leadership that energizes our association."
Jennifer Green-Wilson

  •  Bring diverse real world perspectives representing our multiple roles in health care and areas of practice
  • Have a finger on the pulse of current issues and conversations
  • As academic: have over 15 years teaching at entry-level and post-professionally – innovative, national and international content expert
  •  As private business owner: have over 7 years of experience as self-employed consultant
  • As researcher: doctoral dissertation partially funded through HPA the Catalyst national research grant
  • As clinician: experienced in hospital and outpatient practice settings as clinician and in dual role as clinician/manager
  •  As manager/leader: have over 20 years of experience in multiple management, leadership, and business development roles
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Change Agent
We need to be forward-looking as we shape our future as a profession especially while health care is transforming. I am a big picture, forward-looking and futuristic thinker and doer. I champion new ideas. I ask the critical questions to push our collective thinking ‘outside the box’ or in a different direction. I connect people our components and organizations to overcome inertia and obstacles, collaboratively.

Practice Transformation

Health care reform is bringing with it new requirements for business literacy among Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. I excel at helping health care professionals become more comfortable and competent with:
  • The meaning & concepts behind delivering value (marketing principle)
  • Payment and flow of funds (why we need to care about it)
  • How to sell ourselves, where “selling is a process of building relationships”; these skills will enable us to be stronger advocates for our patients/clients
  • Systems view of organizational design – our role within complex adaptive systems
  • Concepts of productivity, work flow, operational efficiency impacting total cost (under bundled payment schemas) or net income/financial bottom-lines (under FFS payment)


Four Key Points

  • Helping to build an inter-professional Leadership Institute for faculty-staff, Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, Regis University.
    Denver, CO 2013-2104

Lead content expert responsible for curricular development & facilitation

  • Recognized by HPA the Catalyst’s (APTA) LAMPLighter Leadership Award for contributions to Leadership Development efforts.
    February 2014
  • Teaching in multiple entry-level physical therapist programs to help integrate and build business, management, leadership and professionalism  competence
  • Helping organizations to ignite leadership, change, innovation and to engage diverse teams

My Teaching Philosophy

I am an experienced, focused, innovative, vibrant, engaging, approachable, and adaptable teacher as well as a lifelong learner.

Experienced:  I am an expert faculty with 15 years of experience teaching mostly at the graduate level.

Focused: I start each learning experience by envisioning the “end in mind” to focus on achieving the best learning outcome for each learner.  I integrate insights gained from previous learners, peers, and self-reflection into contemporary practices, using the evidence, to foster self-directed and focused learning environments.

Innovative: I love to invent new opportunities for experiential learning!  Because I am experienced educator, I am not afraid to take risks to try creative ways to engage each learner, each time we are together.

Vibrant: I bring energy and passion into the classroom.  If I’m not excited about the content, why should anyone else be?

Engaging: I see my role as the facilitator of the learning experience, not the ‘sage on the stage’. I strive to engage the learner in many interactive learning experiences, inside and outside the classroom.

Approachable:  I am student-centered.  I am successful if the students learn.

Adaptable: I am constantly scanning the environment to infuse the most current conversation into the learning experience.

Lifelong Learner:  I never stop learning.  Never.

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